The One-Liner Workshop

How do you answer
the question

“What do you do?”

Harness the power of story to create a better way
to talk about what you do with The One-Liner Workshop.

There is one question that makes most people cringe a little.

If you can’t answer the question “What Do You Do?” in a clear and memorable way, you are missing sales opportunities and losing business…. And maybe coming off a little awkward.

Stop overthinking it and tell people what they want to hear – A story about them and how you have a solution to their problem.

someone confused about how to explain what they do for work because they haven't yet attended the one liner workshop

Watch your story work wonders.

In this 45-min live workshop, you’ll discover the answer to this age-old question that will help you create more opportunities to win more sales.

StoryBrand Certified Guide and CEO of Well Dressed Walrus, Curt Stockwell, will share the reasons why your one-liner (or “elevator pitch”) may be the most important tool in your marketing toolbox.

Curt Stockwell, host of the one-liner workshop

Rewrite the narrative with
our proven framework

This workshop equips you with a simple three-part framework to create a
one-liner that will have listeners wanting to learn more about what you do.

In 45-minutes, you’ll learn how to:

Identify the problem or pain point that most of your clients face.

Talk about your solution to that problem in a unique way.

Explain how your customer will feel after you solve their problem.

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Three Steps to a Clearer Message

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A podcast that helps you sharpen the most important tool in your marketing tool box.

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