Liberty Lake Water and Sewer District

Liberty Lake Water and Sewer District is a vital public utility organization dedicated to providing essential water and wastewater services to the residents and businesses of Liberty Lake. Committed to sustainability and public health, Liberty Lake Water and Sewer continuously works to manage water resources and foster community engagement in water conservation and environmental stewardship.
As a valued client of our website hosting services for many years, we noticed their website was beginning to show signs of aging since its last build roughly 7 years ago. Despite extending its lifespan over the years with patchwork solutions, the site, which was built on an outdated platform, began experiencing functionality, reliability, and user experience issues. Recognizing these limitations, they entrusted us with a comprehensive rebuild.
Understanding our client’s attachment to their existing design, we focused on preserving the visual aspects they valued while transitioning the website to a more robust and modern platform. Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we made subtle yet crucial modifications to enhance user experience on mobile devices. Our team also provided consultation on aspects like privacy policies and terms of use, ensuring the website’s compliance with current regulations.
Going forward, Liberty Lake Water and Sewer District, now have a functional website that aligns perfectly with their customers’ needs, focusing on utility over marketing flair. Sometimes the value of a website lies less in its marketing potential and more in its practicality and utility for the users it serves. As we continue to work closely with our clients, we’re not only prepared to recreate their websites when the time is right but are also dedicated to ensuring their websites remain functional and efficient.

Skills Involved
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Document Filter
  • Hosting
  • Domain Management

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