Email: It’s an essential piece of everyday business. And there’s a lot to it.

How much thought do you give your email? And the site that hosts that email? What would happen if it went down?

If your small business relies on email, an outage would be a disaster.

That’s why we offer reliable business-class email hosting through our industry-leading partner, Rackspace. We’ll ensure you’re covered, from the big problems to the little ones. We’ll keep your email secure. We’ll get SPAM out of your hair. We’ll make sure you have a professional email address. We’ll get all the settings right to make sure sent emails find the inbox instead of getting filtered out as SPAM.

You rely on email. You can rely on us (and Rackspace) to keep it running.

Email Hosting Price Calculator

Security, SPAM, Storage, and more

Email works great – until your attachment is too large. Or the SPAM messages keep piling up. Or you have no more storage space. That’s where we come in.

Count on our Worry-Free Business Email Hosting to keep you up and running. We have anti-virus software to protect all your technology.

Once it starts, it doesn’t stop. SPAM email is never-ending, and a total waste of your precious time. We’ll keep it out of your inbox so you can focus on the emails that really matter.

Professional Email Address
Are you still using a business email from @gmail or @hotmail? Worry-Free Business Email support will migrate that to an email address that you’re proud to list on your website and business cards. Get an address that reflects the care you put into your business.

You need plenty of email storage. That’s why we offer 25GB mailboxes. Attachments can be up to 50MB. There are also unlimited aliases, group lists, and email forwarding.

Use your Favorite Email App
Once you’ve transitioned, use your favorite email app to access all your emails. So there’s no need to learn any new software.

Email Migration By Experts

We understand that you rely on your email to get deals made, keep conversations going, and keep cash flowing. We know that no email means no business. Moving email can be quite risky and tricky.

Luckily for you, we’ve set up new accounts a few hundred times, so your entire email migration process is in good hands.

You just need to know where your domain name is currently registered (like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, BlueHost), and we’ll guide you through the transition.

Take the Next Step

Imagine waking up to an email outage. Or having been hacked. Imagine the time, headaches, and clean-up you’d have to do.

Now, imagine never having to worry about dealing with email issues again.

Take the next step. Schedule a call for Worry-Free Business Email Hosting.