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Closets Northwest specializes in designing and installing custom closets tailored to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Their mission is to provide innovative storage solutions that help homeowners transform cluttered spaces into models of efficiency and design. Targeting a demographic of mainly females aged 35 to 60, Closets Northwest understands the importance of organization in enhancing one’s living environment and reducing anxiety caused by disarray.

Their existing website was attracting significant traffic, as evidenced by data from KXLY, but was failing to engage visitors, leading to a high bounce rate. This disconnect between site visits and engagement signaled the need for a professional overhaul to better showcase their work and communicate the value of their services. Their vision was clear; they wanted a website that not only highlighted the transformative impact of their solutions but also resonated with the emotional needs of their clientele.

To help them out, we focused on creating a user-centric website experience that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of their audience. By employing a combination of engaging visual content, intuitive navigation, and compelling copy that acknowledges the emotional journey of organizing one’s space, we increased the average homepage engagement time from 5 seconds to 12 seconds in the first two months of launching the new site.

The benefits of our collaboration with Closets Northwest extend far beyond aesthetic improvements. By aligning the website’s design and content with the emotional and practical needs of its target audience, we have set the foundation for sustained engagement and conversion.

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