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Kuney Construction is a multigenerational company with a rich history of delivering high-quality construction projects. Specializing in government contracts, Kuney Construction has built a reputation for excellence and reliability over the decades. Their commitment to innovation and growth has positioned them as a leader in the construction industry, continually adapting to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Kuney Construction approached us with the need for a website overhaul to achieve a more modern look and user experience. While they appreciated the ability to edit project details themselves, they required a design that could support their growth plans. Additionally, they sought an internal solution for secure employee access to information and the capability to perform HR functions and integrate with their payroll system in the future. They also wanted to enhance their online presence to attract and hire new talent.

By combining modern aesthetics with user-friendly functionality, we created a sleek, contemporary design that reflects their forward-thinking approach while maintaining the ability to grow the website alongside the company. We also implemented a secure intranet feature, allowing employees to access important information with password protection. To support their HR needs, we designed the site with future integration capabilities for payroll and other HR functions. Additionally, we crafted targeted messaging for their careers page to highlight their company culture and attract skilled professionals.

The new website has significantly enhanced Kuney Construction’s digital presence, providing a modern and engaging platform that supports their growth ambitions. The secure intranet has improved internal communication and information access for employees, while the updated careers page will help attract the right talent by showcasing the company’s culture and values. The website’s design and functionality now align with Kuney Construction’s vision for the future, ensuring they are well-equipped to continue their legacy of excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

Website Design
Website Development
Mobile Friendly Design
Content Audit
Content Writing
Custom Project display
Custom Job Posting system
An Employee Intranet
Custom Map with project locations

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