Beacon Capital Management

Beacon Capital Management has been serving individuals and families in the Nashville area since 2000.  For years they have used informational TV, Radio, Podcasts, and all-expense-paid steak dinners to not only educate the public but to create a consistent marking source for new leads.

However, they were not getting the desired conversions on these leads.  The culprit… a website that was not living up to the professionalism of their other marketing efforts.   In short, the website was not converting visitors into customers.

We were brought into this project by fellow StoryBrand guide, Nathan Riches, who provided copywriting and project direction.   The WDW team designed and built a new WordPress website that is not only easy to use for Beacon’s clientele, but Beacon’s internal team can now easily create and manage website content.

Beacon now has a beautiful new site with a user-friendly online experience that measures up.

Most importantly their new site converts visitors into customers.

Here’s the data to prove it… In the first month (Oct 2020) they converted more leads into customers than they did the previous 12 months combined!

Now THAT is some amazing ROI!

The work we completed on this project:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Conditional Logic Contact Form
  • DNS Management
  • Custom Post Types

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