Website Compliance

You deserve peace-of-mind.

These days, websites need to stay compliant. But what does your site need to include? Are there design, color, or legal policy details to add? What if you work in multiple states or internationally? What if new laws are passed?

That’s where Worry Free Website Support comes in. We make sure your website is compliant so you don’t have to think about it.

We work with clients to find out exactly what compliance requirements they need to fulfill. From Privacy Policies to Terms & Conditions to contrasting colors, we’ll ensure that you are compliant with your website’s reach. We provide this service through a partnership with Termageddon.

Legal disclaimer (see, we practice what we preach): Although we can walk you through the basics, you should consult your legal team for anything that’s unclear. For the record, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice (but if you need one, here’s a great one.)

Why do I have to think about compliance?
Need more reasons to improve your website’s compliance?

We use tools to help us check for compliance. We’re not just going off gut instinct, we work through a checklist to confirm compliance and to be consistent. Computers can guess at compliance, but only humans can truly decide if actual compliance has been achieved. 

Your website needs to be compliant and stay that way – even as the rules change. Whether your website needs better Legal, PCI (Transactional), or ADA (Accessibility) compliance, our team is here to help guide you.