Expert Domain DNS Management

Why isn’t my website working? It could be your DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS records are the technological magic that allows web browsers to view your website and helps emails flow. When DNS is properly configured, people should be able to get to your website quickly, the emails directly into your inboxes – and are much less likely to end up in the SPAM folder! Because it is so essential, DNS is one of our strengths at Worry Free Website Support.

Why is DNS so important? 

To get even more geeky on you, DNS is how your computer converts a human-readable name like “” into a computer-readable number like “”. It also tells other computers, or services like your email, where it needs to route the email so it can be delivered properly. DNS settings can also be used to verify email and domain ownership.

Many different types of problems can come from improperly configured DNS. Just one wrong character in the wrong place can crash your website or stop emails from flowing – or even make your sent emails end up in the SPAM folder!

Don’t worry about DNS. We’re here to help.

We know to check common DNS settings to make sure everything is configured correctly. We know our way around A-records (which control where your website directs users), CNAME (like an A-record but allows for load balancing, and quick server changes), MX-records (controls where your email goes), DKIM (validates the email was not changed in transit), and SPF (validates the email sender for the domain name). 

Most small businesses only mess with DNS when they are growing or changing something. If you’re thinking about making changes, we can help.

  • 3rd party services
  • Enhanced Security Services
  • ID Validation Services
  • Shared Inbox services
  • Help Ticket Systems
  • Email Routing Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Services

We’ll worry about your website so you can get back to running your business.