Spokane Housing Authority


Serving 4 Unique Audiences

With the needs of such a diverse mix of website users in mind, and such essential content, we developed a robust plan to serve everyone’s needs.

Those who need housing

Those who currently utilize Spokane Housing Authority (SHA) housing

Landlord & Business partners

Potential donors

Our Process

We have identified a simple step-by-step process to make the website build-out as smooth as possible:

Pull the right team together
(We offer suggestions for the 7 key individuals to include)

Receive a vetted project management system to ensure a smooth implementation.

Clarify specific roles and project responsibilities.

Ongoing live meetings and weekly status reports to website completion.

The Launch
(OCT 2020)

From the first day the new website was launched, we saw an increase in the number of cases, user time on the site, the number of pages viewed, and a decrease in the bounce rate.

The data was clear, showing immediate improvements!

  • From 83.55% to 45.31% bounce rate – a 45.77% improvement.
  • From 1.19 to 3.59 pages per session – a 200% increase.
  • From 44 seconds to over 3:22 average session duration – a 356.53 % improvement.
  • From 552 to 49,605 page views – an improvement of 8,886%

Website Features

More people are visiting SHA’s website, staying longer, and engaging more–because we designed a clear, user-friendly site with their needs in mind.

  • We reorganized every SHA property with standardized information and a custom 3D-layout. One click, and you can see everything you need to know about the property at a glance.
  • We created a document database where searches always retrieve results.
  • Work orders are now online, dynamically tied to each property.
  • Landlords can apply to be part of SHA using a secure online application.

The Results

Since the website launch, SHA has been able to provide clear, relevant information to their
residents, landlords, and the broader community. They have had fewer walk-in visitors
and fewer yet more well-informed callers since information is easy to find and forms are
online. They know that any information shared through the website is secure and private.

Now more families in Spokane have the ability to be in safe, affordable housing where they can thrive.

Visit site: spokanehousing.org