Spokane Housing Authority

The Spokane Housing Authority helps people with low incomes receive access to safe, affordable homes so that they can live more satisfying lives.
Their website needed to provide information and resources for a number of different people: those who are currently living homeless, those who utilize SHA properties, possible landlord partners, and potential donors. We kept all of these potential visitors in mind while we built a simple, clear, and user-friendly website that is easy for everyone to navigate.
We also created dynamic property pages: a custom template for each property which allows users to search using specific filters, or to file work orders and requested maintenance. Additionally, we built a document search tool for key forms and a project management process.
Through it all, we ensured that all sensitive information was fully encrypted. The result: one clear website for one clear goal – help people with low incomes get access to safe, healthy, affordable homes so that they live better, healthier, and more satisfying lives.

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Website Development
Mobile-Friendly Design
Content Audit
Content Writing
Conditional Logic Contact Form
Custom File Management

As the lead IT analyst at Spokane housing authority, I had little time to focus on a build-out, marketing, or hosting needs for our website. These limitations are what motivated us to look outside for help.  Right from the beginning, the technical and development skill shown from Well Dressed Walrus was outstanding. Their communication and approach from the initial interview, the demo, and beyond were also exceptional. They are the best vendor I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend WDW to any housing authority looking for a new website or assistance with an old one.

Mike Angelo
Lead IT Analyst – Spokane Housing Authority


After selecting WDW for the new SHA website project, we quickly became excited about their approach. From our first meeting with their team, it was apparent that WDW not only knows what they are doing, but they also take the extra steps to get to know what their client is looking for in a new site.

When in-person meetings switched to virtual in 2020, WDW always took enough time, never hurrying (or pushing) our team into a decision. WDW was exceptionally good at being flexible with our input and comments throughout site development. If we described a certain functionality in general terms, WDW would either know immediately what we were looking for or would come back to us with options.

The regular communication between team meetings was also easy to follow and track. The end product is a top-notch, user-friendly site while meeting our needs as a public entity.

Thank you Well Dressed Walrus!

Amanda Carpentier
Communications Coordinator – Spokane Housing Authority

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