Episode 48

EP 48 Mission Statement Made Simple

Every team/company needs a great mission statement.  However most mission statements are boring. They are full of buzzwords, clichés and platitudes that no one on your team can even remember.  It inspires no one and even worse does not give your team the direction and inspiration they desire.

In this episode, we discuss StoryBrand’s online course Mission Statement Made Simple.  Specifically, why your current mission statement isn’t motivating anyone and why it’s critical that you fix it.

This quarantine has been rough on all of us.  Now would be a perfect time to rally your team around a common goal.  Get on a ZOOM call and work with your team on this. Be the confident leader that your team is wanting you to be.

If you create a mission statement that shows your team where the company is headed and more importantly why it matters, you will succeed!

Learn more at: businessmadesimple.com/mission-statement-made-simple/

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