How Support Works

With Worry-Free Website Support, one email is all it takes to get your website updated or to get your questions answered. But what happens after you click send? This is a short tour of our human-powered system to keep your website current, secure, and reliable.

Step one: You need an update on your website. This could be an updated product, new pricing, staff updates, a new phone number or address, a change in office hours, a blog post – or something specific related to your business. This could also be a question: How are my website analytics? What do the last 90 days of traffic look like? Or it could be a new feature that you’d like added to the site: a special banner or a pop-up for a promotion.

Step Two: Let us know you need an update. You can do this by sending us an email or by logging in to your account and submitting a short form. Either way, this will create a ticket in our system. You’ll get an automatic reply letting you know that we’ve received your request and are getting right on it! If you don’t get an automatic reply right away (within 5 – 10 minutes), please resend your email or resubmit the form.

  • When you’re submitting a request, you can speed things up by providing as much info as possible. The key items we need are:
    • Where did you find the issue (Paste the URL or link)
    • Describe the error or issue & the steps to recreate it
    • Take a screenshot if possible (or a cell phone photo)
    • Tell us what you want to see or to happen instead
    • Often, it is good to know if the issue is on a mobile device (which kind?) or laptop (which kind?) and which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) was being used.

Step Three: We’ll take care of your request! The vast majority of support requests are completed in 1-3 business days, which includes any back-and-forth for clarification or if you’d like to see additional edits.

That’s it! Your website is updated! We’ll send one final email to confirm that the ticket is complete. Now there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

The other great news: We are ridiculously proactive with the websites we support. For example, we’ll always keep your WordPress plugins current. This helps to avoid vulnerabilities in your site. This is an extra step we’re proud to provide that many of our competitors don’t. We know that keeping your website updated means keeping it secure–and we’re fanatical about security around here. This also means fewer emails and support tickets for you! We’re fixing problems before they start.

Some support requests are a little more complicated, for example, adding a new website feature. In that case, we’ll reach out to you with a change order, including any potential new contract items, pricing, and expected turnaround time.

With the team from Worry-Free Website Support, you’ll always know that a human is working hard to keep your website current and secure. We’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

We’ll worry about your website so you can get back to running your business.