Trualta is dedicated to empowering family caregivers with essential education and community resources. Recognizing the critical role caregivers play in the healthcare ecosystem, Trualta offers practical tutorials, personalized care coaching, and a supportive online community to enhance the caregiving experience – all with a commitment to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Trualta faced challenges in effectively communicating their mission and engaging their audience through their website. The need for a website refresh became apparent as the company sought to better reflect their updated brand and expand their content to more effectively convert their audience into leads. The goal was to create a website that not only provided valuable resources but also facilitated ease of management for rapid content updates.

We overhauled Trualta’s website with a strategic focus on following their brand guide. We collaborated closely with Trualta to understand the nuances of their audience’s needs and crafted a website experience that delivers the right content at the right time. Through the use of engaging visuals, streamlined navigation, and strategically placed forms and pop-ups, we transformed the website into a dynamic lead generation tool that resonates with caregivers’ emotional and educational needs.

Our client’s satisfaction with the project reaffirms our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that go beyond aesthetics, ensuring that every element of the website is purposefully aligned with the target audience’s journey. With the new website, Trualta is now poised to make a more significant impact in the lives of family caregivers and the healthcare community at large.

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I’ve worked with this team twice at two different companies. They are one of the ace’s up my sleeve whenever I need a new website. This last project was a full website redesign. Our brand had been updated and we needed all new content so it was a huge overhaul. Not to mention I think the site doubled in size. We needed more lead conversion points and an entirely easier way to manage the backend so edits could be done quickly.

Well Dressed Walrus not only delivered, but they were a key strategic thought partner in trying to figure out how to present the right content at the right time, how messaging should flow on the page, and how best to convert traffic to leads through various form and popup placements. In the end, the site looks beautiful, communicates perfectly, and is set up as a real lead generator far more than the previous site did.

What I’ve found to be the key difference between Well Dressed Walrus and other agencies is that they listen and understand your needs and your business and then present options to meet your goals. Sure, that’s what everyone says they do. But most agencies design something for it to simply be pretty or write something to make it sound good without that nuanced level of alignment to your audience.

Well Dressed Walrus delivers the just right thing that your audience needs to hear or see. They get the nuances. And it’s this laser focus that makes them invaluable. Not to mention, they’re so easy to work with. Good folks doing good work.

Brandon Dahl

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