HUG Construction

HUG Construction helps homeowners build new homes, remodels, and additions the right way. They do it by focusing on clear communication, fixed bids and schedules, and ensuring their clients experience a hassle-free building process.

While HUG’s existing website had a user-friendly interface and a rich portfolio, it failed to convey their core values and messaging.

We revamped their site to focus on clear messaging that underscores their dedication to clear communication, fixed bids, and unwavering schedules. We included pivotal testimonials, an emphasis on their promise of a surprise-free building experience, and easy guidance for customers ready to take the next step.

In addition to website enhancements, Well Dressed Walrus provided HUG with marketing coaching, equipping their team with a playbook for effective messaging across social media, emails, and sales dialogues. We created a lead generation tool, helping HUG gather email addresses to follow up with more valuable content and strengthen customer relationships. We elevated HUG’s Google Business Profile and SEO for better search visibility. Lastly, HUG migrated their site to our reliable hosting platform to ensure optimum site performance.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Content Audit
  • Content Writing
  • Website Hosting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Business SEO
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Sales Funnel
  • Custom Portfolio
  • Custom Job listings

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