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FaVS News, standing for Freedom and Values Spokane, is a unique digital platform that fosters faith and non-faith community engagement. Their approach to digital journalism offers opportunities for diverse religious perspectives to converge. Specializing in providing insights into various religious viewpoints on current topics, Favs News sets itself apart with its inclusive approach to news.

Favs News reached out to us with the need to revamp their existing website. They desired a more user-friendly platform that was responsive across desktop and mobile devices. The primary goals were to enhance the website’s speed, incorporate their new branding, and improve the overall layout to highlight their journalistic content better. They also emphasized the importance of minimal downtime during the transition to the new website to avoid losing any current content.

Our team embarked on a comprehensive website overhaul for Favs News. We developed a mobile-friendly design that focused on a more journalistic layout, allowing for a broader content display on larger screens. This redesign not only improved the user experience but also catered to the client’s need for a platform that could handle dynamic content updates. Our redesign has empowered their team, particularly their reporters and production team, with an easier and more efficient way to post news articles on their website.

A key aspect of our solution was the strategic launch process. We meticulously planned the transition from the old website to the new one, ensuring minimal downtime. This approach was crucial in preserving all the articles and content generated during the development phase, maintaining the continuity of Favs News’ digital presence.

We migrated their website to our hosting service, significantly boosting loading speeds and overall site performance. Post-revamp, Favs News now boasts a faster, more professional-looking website that aligns with their new branding.

Skills Involved

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Hosting
  • Staff Training on new platform
  • Domain Management

WDW built us a new website at the price and schedule they promised. Their customer service was exemplary throughout the process, and their support team continues to be responsive and helpful.

Tracy Simmons

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